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Why Juice Cleanse?

From the moment you wake up, to the time you fall asleep, your body is hard at work to keep blood flowing through your arteries and veins, supplying oxygen to your cells and keeping you alive and healthy. Simultaneously, your digestive organs are breaking down food and water molecules to extract vital nutrients and live enzymes to replenish health cells and regenerate dead or damaged cells. 
Unfortunately, we accumulate toxins in our bodies from chemicals in our homes, cars, work environments, and food. These toxins cause damage to our cells, and result in sickness and disease in our bodies.
For this reason, many health professionals recommend purging your bodies multiple times per year of these toxins, through various methods.
One such method is known as a juice cleanse, or a juice fast. 
When your digestions organs get a rest from breaking down the fiber in food every meal, you are able to conserve energy and apply it to ridding the toxins from your body!
During a juice cleanse, many people experience dramatic weight loss, restoration of energy levels, breaking addictions to sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, the resolution of skin problems, and much more!
When the toxins leave your body, it is able to express health and function at a capacity that many people forget they once had!