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What is Acai?

It's pronounced "ah-sigh-EE"

Açaí Bowls are a frozen fruit sorbet, made-to-order, and topped with organic granola, fresh fruit, dry superfood toppings, and local raw honey!

We took this Brazilian staple and put a Hawaiian spin on it! We combine a special handcrafted preparation technique with premium, ethically sourced açaí to give our bowls such a delicious taste and perfect consistency.

Pretty much, it's time to rethink breakfast, brunch, lunch, and your afternoon snack.

So what is açaí?

Açaí is a highly nutritious berry that grows on a tall, thin palm in the Amazon Floodplains. 90% of each açaí berry consists of 90% seed. Only 10% of the berry is edible skin and pulp, which is washed and ground into a thick purple. This beautiful food serves as a staple food to the inhabitants of the Amazon estuary, as well as Brazilians across the entire country.