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Baby's First Food Package


                                       IT'S BABY TIME!

In the early 1900s, Dr. Norman Walker, the pioneer of juicing in America, discovered that drinking fresh juice was an amazing way for pregnant or nursing mothers to provide themselves and their children with a high level of nutrients.  Today, there are countless testimonies of mothers and children having incredible health and looking amazing as a result of juicing both before and after delivery!

We have created 3 juice packages (below) that are tailored to meet the specialized needs you and your baby have in this special season.  These custom juice packages load you with vital nutrients and helps meet specific needs you will have during and after your pregnancy.

To make it as easy on you as possible, we deliver each package to your house or even to the hospital!

Give us a call or send us an email for more info. 

Baby's First Food Package

John Maven-2014 04 23-0055.jpg
John Maven-2014 04 23-0055.jpg

Baby's First Food Package


According to WedMD, "most babies are developmentally ready to get their first taste of solid foods" between 4 and 6 months. "At this point, they lose the extrusion reflex that is beneficial for sucking a breast or bottle but can shove a spoonful of baby cereal right back out."

Why not give them the most nutrient dense food you can?  Our fresh, unpasteurized juices are sure to make baby and mom happy, as long as mom doesn't end up drinking baby's portion!

Spinach, carrot, apple, and sweet potato are common ingredients for babies because of their ability to supply your baby with much needed iron & vitamin A.  

This 3-day package includes:

3 - Pure Carrot (8 oz. bottles)
3 - Original Green (8 oz. bottles)

*All of our ingredients are organic

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