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2301 12th Avenue South
Belmont/Hillsboro, TN, 37204
United States

(615) 905-8629

Organic Cold-Pressed Juice.

Açaí Bowls.

Specialty Coffee.





Nut-Milk Soft Serve.

Pitaya Bowls.

Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice.



"The object of nutrition is to replenish and regenerate the atoms and molecules composing the cells and tissues of the body." -Dr. Norman Walker

Introducing Juice to franklin!

The Franklin Juice Company is Franklin, Tennessee's very own Cold-Pressed Juice Company!  

After living in Hawai'i & Israel, and traveling the world for several years, we were exposed to various lifestyles and food cultures.  In that time, a passion for healthy living was cultivated within us.  We saw the extraordinary and lasting benefits of being diligent stewards of the bodies we've been given.

As a direct result, The Franklin Juice Company opened in 2013, selling a unique collection of juices, cleanses, and elixirs.  As a Franklin-based juicery, we incorporate the culture and style of "America's Best Small Town" into our recipes and brand.  When you taste our juices, meet our staff, and experience our juice truck, you'll know what we mean!

Over the past 2 years, our juice selection has evolved to become a well-edited assortment of cold-pressed juices. We develop recipes based on exceptional taste and pairings, versus letting the cost of ingredients control our decision making. We want healthy eating and drinking to taste good!

Ultimately, our goal is to radically improve the present way our families, friends, and communities eat and drink.  We are working to create a culture of nutritious and informed eating and drinking for the sake of America!


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The Franklin Juice Co.