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The Unadulterated Difference

"In understanding what good nutrition really is, we must keep in mind that dead matter cannot do the work of live organisms." -Dr. Norman Walker


From the moment you wake up, to the time you fall asleep, your body is hard at work to keep blood flowing through your arteries and veins, supplying oxygen to your cells and keeping you alive and healthy. Simultaneously, your digestive organs are breaking down food and water molecules to extract vital nutrients and live enzymes to replenish health cells and regenerate dead or damaged cells. 

Compatibility and Quality. 

How come your body can't sustain life by consuming a beautiful Patagonia jacket? What about some freshly cut Goodyear rubber? Good Wood skateboard? Whole Foods recycled shopping bag? Gold Bars? Augusta National bermuda?

These things have exceptional quality! What what about their compatibility?

Why is it that if you eat rotten tomatoes, you get sick? Quality.

Both of these truths are essential to how we should approach health. 

We are composed of millions of tiny cells, without which we would not exist. We have to keep our cells happy and and replenished in order to have any measure of health in our bodies as a whole. If we are injured or sick, our tiny cells rally and regenerate or repair themselves so that we can get back to health and happiness.

But what do our cells need to stay well?


No, electricity is not the answer. The answer is nutrients! Nutrients and vital life minerals are found in the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe. So what's the deal with electricity?

Grab your iPhone and hold it in front of you. What an amazing technology! Steve Jobs is one of the most brilliant creators the human race has ever known. It is easy to appreciate his handiwork when you stop and think about everything you can do on an iPhone, and and intricately they are designed. There is one small factor that the iPhone relies on every moment, battery power. No battery power, and the most wonderful invention in the world is entirely useless.

Your body is like an iPhone. Your cells are all of its intricate parts. Nutrients are the battery power. But where is the electricity that powers the battery?

Live Enzymes

Like electricity, enzymes are neither seen nor held. They are not tangible, but they are vital to your existence and body function.

Live enzymes maintain the vitality of the nutrients you consume, so that when the nutrients reach your cells, they are able to provide the cells with everything they need to function! If you kill the enzymes associated with the nutrients, then the nutrients lose their vitality, enter into a state of lifelessness, and are unable to replenish and regenerate your cells.

How Do Enzymes Die?

Enzymes are alive just like you, and are capable of being killed with heat, pressure, intense light, and lack of water. Sound like someone else you know? How about everyone.

 Your body is incredibly tolerant and able to maintain life when nutrients enter your body lacking the necessary live enzymes, but they are not compatible with your cells in this state.

If you spend you whole life eating food and drinking products that have been neutralized and stabilized in order to last to months and years, you will never reach your full potential of health.


Fresh | Raw | HPP-Free

Many juice companies use various pasteurization processes (traditional, flash, high pressure, etc.) to guard against bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms for a long period of time in order to extend the shelf life of their products. According to current FDA standards, these same companies can label their products as "Raw." 

This can be misleading to customers who take things at face value. However, pasteurization of any kind causes lethal damage to enzymes at a cellular level, and during this process, the minerals, vitamins, and live enzymes in the juice are killed as well.

However, the term "fresh" on a label means that a food or drink product is unpasteurized, meaning that it is in its truly raw state and has not been frozen or subjected to any form of thermal processing or any other form of preservation.  The “fresh” claim can only be made if juice is NOT processed and, thus, has a fraction of the shelf life as other “raw” juice. 

What is HPP?

The newest juice pasteurization method is called High Pressure Processing. Through HPP,  juice is subject to an outrageous amount of pressure that has the same effect of neutralizing good and bad live enzymes, as well as extending the shelf-life of the juice to over a month!  While this does indeed reduce your chances of becoming sick from drinking the juice, it's live enzymes are all but dead! Because we are going to always supply the highest quality of juice possible, you can rest assured that our hands are clean and our juice is alive and well.  Your body can thanks us later!

Unwilling to Compromise

We are proud to say we have been and will always be unwilling to compromise on the quality of our juice. All of our juice is 100% fresh and unpasteurized! Our juice lasts only 3 days in the refrigerator and must be consumed within 8 hours after opening. Come pick up one of our delicious juices so you can taste and feel the Unadulterated Difference for yourself.  


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