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2301 12th Avenue South
Belmont/Hillsboro, TN, 37204
United States

(615) 905-8629

Organic Cold-Pressed Juice.

Açaí Bowls.

Specialty Coffee.





Nut-Milk Soft Serve.

Pitaya Bowls.

Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice.


Harvey's 12th South Juice delivery route starts May 1st!

Fill out the form below to see if your address qualifies and for more information on how to sign up.

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Where & When WE Currently DELIVER:  

Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 12PM.

Our delivery range currently incorporates those living in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville, with Murfreesboro also being available on Wednesdays from 12PM - 2PM

$10 delivery fee applies to all local deliveries, with a minimum order requirement of 6 juices.


Possible delivery scenerios include:

Stuck at home with oikophobia

Stuck at work with ergophobia

Stuck in the gym with ablutophobia

Stuck at school with hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Stuck at a party with coulrophobia

Stuck camping with hylophobia

Stuck at the salon with chaetophobia

Stuck at the Apple store with nomophobia

Stuck at the pool with omphalophobia

Or maybe you're just busy and need some delicious and refreshing juice?

The Franklin Juice Co.