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Our Method of Juice Extraction


A Cold-Pressed Juicery is a specialty juice company that uses an industrial-grade hydraulic press to extract nutrient dense juice from the tough fibers of fruits and vegetables. 

Here at the Franklin Juice Company, we are committed to providing the highest quality juice on the planet.  This affects every decision we make, from hand selecting produce to sourcing strictly organic ingredients every time. So, when the time came for us to choose our method of juice extraction, the choice was easy.  

The commercial Cold Press Juicer was invented in the early 1930s by Dr. Norman Walker in Long Beach, CA.  As an immigrant from Great Britain, Dr. Walker was a pioneer for the juicing and raw foods diet in America.  Between 1930 and 1980, Dr. Walker published 8 books from where many modern day scientist and juice bars alike draw inspiration and information. His first book, which can be purchased online, is titled "Raw Vegetable Juices." It is no surprise that Dr. Walker lived to be 99 years old! 


Juice is the fastest way to get nutrients into your bloodstream, outside of an IV!  We can't eat 15 carrots in 5 minutes, but we can drink a pint of fresh carrot juice!  The living micro-enzymes in fresh juice have the ability to purify, regenerate, and strengthen your body unlike any cooked or processed food ever could. Because juice has an incredible ability to replenish your cells, and rid your body of toxins, so we made the bold decision to use strictly organic ingredients in all of our juices. And since the purpose of juicing is to cleanse your body of toxins, we would never feel good about promoting a "health" products using anything but organically farmed produce.


There are 2 mains stages involved with Cold Pressing juice. The first stage involves a mastication process where a the produce is pulverized by a rotating gear inside a stainless steel housing. This functions to release the "deep nutrients" from the fiber to which they are bound. Fiber is a necessary part of one's diet, but our goal is to pack more fiber-free nutrients into one juice than you could consume in an entire day of eating whole fruits and vegetables. In the second stage, we wrap and hydraulically press the mash under 3,000 pounds of pressure. Thats equivalent to a baby elephant sitting on each cup of mashed produce!

Heat, friction, and oxygen are all factors that kill live enzymes or speed up deterioration of fresh juice. The cold press limits all of these factors and extracts the maximum amount of nutrient-dense juice as possible!  Waste is minimized and your body rejoices at the purity and goodness of the quality and taste.



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